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Short Story Contest; Win $500, NO entry fee

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We're hosting a short story contest at Story Unlikely, 1st place wins $500 and publication, and there's no entry fee.  You can see the details here:


A little about us: we're a relatively new market trying to re-engage people through stories.  In a world where our families are broken, our government is in disarray, and our culture doesn't even know which bathroom to use, we want to shine a light into this darkness with the beauty of stories. We believe that stories are powerful forms of communication - like taproots into our souls - and have life-giving power.  If you share these sentiments, consider checking us out, perhaps even entering our contest.  We hope to showcase to the world what so many other markets refuse to publish simply based upon ideology.

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Just took a look too and I have to agree with Lynn.  As someone with a visual impairment I find white text on black difficult to read because the white text is not sharp enough - it always appears fuzzy around the edges. Also, the font is small and there is a lot of text to read. If the text was larger and less of it, then the fuzziness would not be such an issue.


Can I suggest a couple of points - 

1. Either black font on white or light yellow background with black text works well.

2. if you want to retain the black/white then I would suggest increasing your font and spreading out the text/reducing it to give the page more 'spaces' - this helps the reader.


Sorry to pick nick but I do like your ideas and approach - it would be shame for them to get over looked because of a design issue.


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