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Seeking work as a freelance writer

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I know this is probably a loaded question and one many on this site may have. I am looking for freelance writing. The site I normally write for is down and may be permanently down. I am struggling to find any work. The virus is probably the main problem. If anyone knows of a site or sites looking for writers, let me know. I would so appreciate any help. 

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My experience was more along the lines of using my skills to find work.


So, here are some steps to take.


1. List your expertise. All of them. No, really, all of them. (You may think trimming cat claws isn't a highly-sought skill, until you meet someone who adopted his first cat.)

2. While creating that list, try to put order to it. Something like writers figuring out what genre our writing is.


3. Take a look at the results, and start thinking who would like that knowledge. (Sites about pets -- breeders, fanciers, vets -- might be interested in the cat trimming article. If you've studied the word "rabbit" in the Bible then Christian sites, magazines, and reference pages.) It doesn't matter. Whatever you can write will have a vast multitude of sites catering to that subject. (Mine is teddy bears, and tons and tons!)

4. After you have a portfolio related to their desires, google your category and expertise, just the expertise, or just the category to find what's already out there. Do not count any hits that say "Ad." Do not bother with the first few Google response, because Google has become quite political in their algorithms. Check the first few pages. See what types of sites are interested in the types of articles you write. And if it has plenty of articles on it, look for a contact email to see if they'd be interested in using your article(s.) Don't forget to ask if they can't use your articles, if they know who would. (Their getting their articles from somewhere.) Be professional.


5. Then start looking for that subject plus "writer submissions."  Don't bother with literary magazines or ezine sites, if you find them, because that's the same as publishing fiction. (They'll want to read your prepared article, it could take months to receive a reply, and their favorite price is "free.")


Honestly, just keep looking until you find a fit, then ask, always remembering to ask if they know any other sites that could use writers.


Oh, and never settle for just one site, because if/when it fails, you'll have to start all over again.

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@Toni Star, what categories were you writing for at the previous site? Did you have a particular niche that you were writing in? 


There are sites for freelancers, including freelancer.com and upwork.com. I stopped using these as they've turned into places where individuals undercharge significantly just so that they can get the job. (As an example, a lot of people were willing to proofread a 50,000 word manuscript for between $50 and $100. I would charge 5 times this.)


LinkedIn is another place where you can (a) build relationship with other industry professionals, (b) showcase your work, and (c) look for work.

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Yes, I have checked out freelancer.com and upwork.com. For me, it just didn't work but I may try LinkedIn. I have an account there. Will give it a try. The site that I was working is partially back. But, for how long? Don't know. But will see how it goes. Been praying on this and God heard my prayers. For right now, it's a go.


Many thanks to anyone who has been praying for me. Sure helps!


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