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They're Coming to Take Me Away...

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It's Book Two, which, (for me), means I've truly finished Book One. It's a serial, so the readers ought to be the same readers of Book One. I'm including which book in the serial it is, so anyone who chooses to skip the first book, truly choose to skip the first book. And I entered the first 700 words in another site's monthly event to see if the opening hooks. It works as well as opening a hotdog stand on Mars. Flatter than Stanley. Hooked like an elephant at the end of the fishing line.


So, I'm going back to give better reminders of Book One, make it shorter, and cut down on the number of reintroductions to the main players. How hard can this be?


Same problem hitting over and over again, so I'm going to ask. I know info dumps stink, but how about at the beginning of the story to remind fans of the last story?


If not, any hints how to shove relevant info from previous book into a mere 3-5 paragraphs of current book while still piquing the reader's curiosity, setting the scene, reintroducing a few key players, giving some idea how much time has passed since the last story, showing what has to happen next and how quickly, and, oh yeah, by the end of this chapter setting the next story-worthy problem?


Where are those nice men in their clean white suits?



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Can't the back cover do some of that for you? I know that sometimes I read a book's cover and realize that I am interested and therefore, I tell myself, I really should start with book one because it'll be more enjoyable to read in order. 🤷‍♀️


And thank you @Spaulding for sharing your journey. I am grateful for your transparency. I hope I get a book one done. Wow! Starting Book Two! Way to go!

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