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Birthday Bazaar

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Mmm, maybe bizarre.  Depends on one’s humor level.   It started with my 9 siblings admiring me for being the first to dabble with a family tree website.


They all thought it was cool for me to arrange for family birthday reminders to be automatically sent to their emails via that website.


Four of us have birthdays in August.  Four, in September.   When I got my notification for the first birthday in July, I forgot to keep in mind that these emails are sent the day before celebration day.   So a day early, I messaged a rousing “Happy Bday!” to that sister.  I copied everyone else, which kicked off a “Happy Pre-Birthday!” slew of messages from the gang.


I made the same mistake with the next July birthday.


I hung my cleats up after that, not wanting to take any more ribbing.  So, I waited to see which wiseacre was going to lead the charge for the next notification.  A brother didn’t wait.  Three days before July #3, he sent out a “ Pre-Pre-Pre-Happy Birthday” communique, and that continued through the final September blast.


it was fun, but my iPhone fingers are swore.  More importantly, I’m holding my breath, because I don’t doubt that a post-birthday ping will come sooner or later.🙂


I know, I’m blessed.  We are all over 50.

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Wow! What a great crew! On hubby's side of the family, my sister-in-law does a monthly batch email to everyone that includes any birthdays. She also does it for prayer requests. The day before the celebrant's birthday, she sends out a reminder. Works really well.😃

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