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I won a writing contest!


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I want to celebrate with my brothers and sisters! This is a first for me! 

Fantasy Shorts, one of the Medium publications I write for ran a contest through September. We had to write a story that described a character. The prize is a drawing of our character by Sarah Saiyara. https://fantasyshorts.pub/september-writing-contest-character-creation-62310398bf52

 I tossed off Braithwight the Wind Sprite and threw her into the competition in the first week of writing on that "magazine rack" platform. I received this message tonight!

J.A. Taylor

Nicola, I'm so pleased to announce you've won first place in the Character Creation Contest! Braithwight is an adorable character that stole the hearts of our judges! 


So look for the drawing here very soon. And celebrate with me!


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22 hours ago, Claire Tucker said:

Congratulations! That's really great!!


20 hours ago, HK1 said:



4 hours ago, Shamrock said:

Wow - congratulations Nicola. That fantastic news and very affirming for you about your writing. 

Thank you. Yes, it is affirming. Thank you, Claire and HK1 for joining the celebration!

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