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Another reason to say No to a re-publish offer

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From the Writers Beware blog: Another Reason to Just Say No to That Offer to Re-Publish Your Self-Pubbed Book


One of the identifying markers for the scores of publishing/marketing/fake literary agency scams that are super-aggressively soliciting self-published and small press writers these days is an offer to re-publish or "re-brand" your book.


The offers--which always come out of the blue, by phone or email, from companies you never heard of--vary. Your book isn't priced competitively, and we can do better. We want to represent you to traditional publishers, but first you have to re-publish or "re-license" your book to escape the self-pub "stigma". We'll pitch you to brick-and-mortar booksellers, but you have to have "book insurance" or "return insurance" that your current publishing platform can't provide. 


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Just another reminder to always know who you're dealing with. If they're calling about a book that isn't selling very well, it's because they hope to exploit your desire to see it do better.


General rule of thumb is that money should always flow from the publisher to the author, not the other way around. 

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If anyone is contacting me to republish they better come after I've sold over 10,000 and have names like Simon and Shuster or Penguin. I'm averaging 5 phone scams a day, and 5 snail-mail scams a week. I'm not that gullible. 😆

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