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Prayer request for health

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On September 12 I started working 7 days a week by working a second job as Frankenstein's Monster (a big hit) at a local haunted house.  They pay me $!20 a week and The last day is the end of October so I will be working until November 5.  With the screaming, long hours of standing and mist in the building I have developed a cough during the week which slows down by the time I go back in to work the house again.  i have a feeling I am going to be under the weather until  November.  The owner is a great guy, he has brought in food for everyone, provides what we need to work and has an airbrush artist if we want to use her for our makeup.  Plus anyone who has perfect attendance is entered into a drawing for cash prizes at the end of the season.  With my parents feeling sick an not going out it has helped buy groceries to eat for them and pay off my cell phone lease,

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21 hours ago, lynnmosher said:

Can you wear a mask to keep most of that air out of your lungs? Glad you have the job though. 😃

We have an option of wearing a mask but with the amount of makeup I use it would not work well with the looks.  I tried a full face mask but could not see.  I am once of those who knows how to do my own makeup and will help the others with theirs.  I even built the forehead and wig I use out of latex, cotten balls and a hair net.  This shot I cheated and let the airbrush artist do my face that day.




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Amazing how many kids come through wanting a fist bump or selfie.  Little kids tell me I am their favorite monster.  Even real little kids have reacted more calmly around me.  I do not condone bringing real little kids to a place like that though as the goal is to scare and I won't scare a real little kid,  I gave a toddler a fist bump last week, no major growling. 

My favorite thing is to insult the people instead of big scare, like finding the tough guy in the group and asking him if he is my twin brother.  Or telling someone their mask looks good.  This year during the quiet time I want to learn how to make a Teen Wolf style prosthetics so I can do wolf man next year,.

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On 10/8/2021 at 4:21 PM, lynnmosher said:

LOL Sounds like you're really enjoying this. Good! 😆

Oh ya, I bought myself a black hooded robe (Jedi style) in case I go in one of  the other houses.  The costumes there don't fit me as I am big guy.  The problem with the robe is it is hand wash cold water only and air dry.  3 more weekends to go.  I gave my 2 free tickets to my niece and nephew, they came this weekend.  I changed my routine to playing an animatronic.  I stand in the corner and turn my head while raising my arms up and down.  My nephew came through and thought I was I was a real robot Frankenstein. Or I will go into statue mode until someone walks up to me, he hard part is to slow down my breathing so they don't see the rise and fall of the chest.  I had a group stop and stare at me arguing whether I was real or not, they decided I was just a statue then I got them.  One girl jumped back so hard she knocked down two others and the three of them got tangled up trying to flee. 

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