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Need prayer!

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Second time since August that I have been soooooo tempted to just unload and rail against the public school system and the way things are going. I will not do so, since that helps no one, but please pray for me. My long-term substitute position (which shouldn't have been a substitute position to start with) was taken away from me during a district required quarantine I had been put in. There were so many grievances I had before this happened that I am actually relieved I don't have to go back, and I think I technically still have a job since I am still considered a substitute, however... it is what it is. Please pray for me. Not only that I will find a good full time job, but also that I would cease to be bitter about the whole thing and that I would not ruminate on it. The whole experience (only two months) has broken my heart in multiple ways for multiple reasons. 

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