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Have a story about a horse?


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This is for an anthology on second-chance horses.


Send any submissions to the address below.
Do NOT reply to this email with submissions.

edited by Callie Smith Grant

A collection of true stories about horses
with a theme of rescue or second chances

THE PROJECT:  I am contracted to compile a new anthology of true stories about horses with the theme of rescue and second chances – you rescued the horse, the horse rescued you, the horse rescued other animals, everyone gets a second chance, etc. – and I’m soliciting stories starting now through the spring of 2022. The plan is for publication in early fall of 2023 with a working title of Second-Chance Horses.

I am looking for first person, true stories by and for adults about horses interacting with humans (or with animals) in meaningful ways with a specific theme of rescue and second chances. See Second-Chance Dogs or Second-Chance Cats for the look and feel of this new book. Following format of those two books, this will have feel-good stories about horses from everyday life, rescues, ranches, back roads, or wherever story fits the theme. They will be horses who were rescued by humans or other animals in a variety of ways and how those horses made their humans glad this all happened. Many of these stories will have that special ingredient where human rescued horse, who in return “rescued” their human in some way, however subtle or dramatic, through comfort, companionship, intuitive knowledge, or something more active. We want to see how both humans and horses benefited from this rescue.

Note that the term “rescue” has some wiggle room.  We don’t have to deal directly with rescue places.  This is really about second chances.

Keep this in mind: Horses were created for a reason, and in your story, the words “rescue” and “second chance” are part of that reason. Did you rescue a horse? Do you know a horse who performed a rescue of a human, however quiet or dramatic? Do you have a story of horses being in the right place at the right time to give comfort or aid to humans – or to each other? Did the rescue situation in your life help you know there is a Creator who cares about you or someone else you know? Do you have a story that is not so dramatic but nevertheless shows a kind of second chances theme going on between a horse and another living thing? Anything well-crafted and compelling, from the mundane to the miraculous, that shows some sense of why this beast entered your world will be considered.
I want only adult writers and only true stories, so no fiction, no poems, and no stories by juveniles.

STYLE: This publisher publishes books from a Judeo-Christian perspective, so please avoid sending writing that is New Age or otherwise too mystical. On the other hand, please also avoid preaching or using rampant Christian-ese in your writing. Use the examples of James Herriot’s writing, Guideposts stories and anthologies, TV’s Miracle Pets, stories from Chicken Soup, and of course the previous Callie Smith Grant animal books. Keep in mind that while Revell’s primary audience tends to be faith-based, their books sell very well in general bookstores, bookstore chains, on Amazon, on racks in non-traditional venues, and electronically. So while faith content is okay if you wish to use it, keep it spare and keep such content as understandable as you can.

LENGTH: 1,000-3,000 words per story

FEE: I am authorized to pay a flat fee of $100 per story plus two copies of the book. You will be able to purchase more copies at 50% of retail price. There will also be an “About the Contributors” section at the back of the book where I encourage you to spotlight what you wish to say about yourself and promote your own writing, speaking, and social media.

RIGHTS: Non-exclusive, worldwide volume rights in all languages. In other words, you can sell this story again. I’ll consider previously published work if you have the rights and if it was published before 2021.

A GENERAL WORD OF WARNING:  Of the many submissions I receive, too many do not follow theme. Too many are mini-sermons or devotional readings, and that is not what I’m looking for. I prefer to choose stories with a clear narrative as opposed to only a tribute to a beloved pet. Also, while it’s fine to learn something from your horse, do not over-spiritualize the creature; let your horse remain a horse. And finally, please, no prolonged animal illness or animal death scenes.

EXTRA THOUGHTS: Think about the beauty or maybe even the miracle of this horse being in your life at the right time and the thrill of the rescue or the second chance, whatever that may look like. People like the previous Callie Smith Grant animal books for the stories -- some of them warm, some of them weepy, some of them funny, some of them wise. I’d like to offer that reading experience again.

DEADLINE: May 1, 2022

-Send your story to me ONLY by electronic file in a Word attachment.
-In subject line, type the words HORSE RESCUE BOOK
-Include your name, address, and phone number only.
-Send to: lonniehulldupont@gmail.com

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I have never been around horses.    But from a distance.   I saw the Chincoteague national wildlife reserve in Virginia, from the highway.   My Dad was taking us kids to a beach further south.    I was stunned to see a whole pack of horses racing in the wilds.   I have those brief seconds engraved in my memory, it was such a stunning and beautiful sight. 


Only other thing to say is...I don't know who I was more jealous of as a kid.   Wilbur, or Ed. 

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