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What if your platform is more important than your book?


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Steve Laube has an interesting and thought-provoking article What If Platform is the Goal?


He asks these questions:


What if your platform is more important than your book?

What if the platform is your ministry, and a book is something to minister to those on it?

What if the most effective communication tool to accomplish your personal mission is your YouTube channel or podcast?

What if you reached more people each week through your platform than are reached by most books?

What if books were not an ultimate goal, but a step along the way to a much-greater goal?


The whole article is truly worth reading.



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I strongly suspect that that's the way mine is headed. My book, and some subsequent writing I've done, are there to accomplish a specific ministry. As I've built a small website intended to do the same, I've found a need to do other things to attract readers to the website. Both the book and the website have gone "on hold," as I've been developing animation skills (for a soon-to-be-channel on YouTube) which have taken the majority of my available time.


My book was always a ministry, first and foremost. I'm just finding more media in which the same goals can be accomplished. I've had to do a lot of research to learn what others have done, get a solid grasp on where different approaches will likely land in the 80:20 rule, developing a very simple style to allow for a smooth & speedy workflow that won't bog me down in details once I launch, and finding useful ways to integrate everything, so everything can point to everything else.


The better part of the last two years has been one of minimal writing, maximal learning, and getting ready for what I hope will launch in the next month or so. The writing is important, yes, but it's moved into one corner of a much bigger picture. It's not what I expected, and adjusting hasn't always been easy. There's just so much I didn't know, and I wonder just how much there is yet to learn (I'm guessin'... lots)


BTW... for anyone contemplating using YouTube, this is one thoroughly eye-opening video:




Mike Winger did not expect to make a "career" out of YouTube videos, but in a lot of ways, he also found that his "platform" is what took over. This video is not only worth watching its hour-long+ length, but it's worth taking lots of notes, too (I have a bunch...)


This man is an extraordinarily warm, friendly, and helpful Christian, and I suspect he'd be willing to give at least a few occasional minutes of attention to help along someone committed to advancing The Kingdom. I'm hoping I'll be reaching out to him in a few weeks, and will find out. 


It's been such a surprising journey...



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I think I'd like to be able to use my platform as a ministry. I've started designing my website, and the blog posts I've started planning revolve more around Scripture than anything else. I haven't really found any Christian romance authors who use their platform for this reason, but I've always been more inclined toward writing about my personal insights into the Scripture rather than fiction. 


Perhaps the fiction will be my "day job" and the platform my actual ministry. 🤷‍♀️ At any rate, I'm still rage quitting Facebook for a while, and my website isn't ready to launch, so it definitely warrants further introspection.

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