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6 tips to make your scenes visually dynamic


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C S Lakin (former member) has an article 6 Tips to Make Your Scenes Visually Dynamic. Here's the first tip:


Identify key moments


Think through your scene and try to break it up into a number of key moments. First, you have the opening shot that establishes the scene and setting. Then, identify some key moments in which something important happens, like a complication or twist, then jot those down.

Then write down the key moment in the scene—that “high moment” I always harp on—that reveals something important about the plot or characters. That should come right at or very near the end. You may have an additional moment following that is the reaction or repercussion of the high moment.

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On 9/13/2021 at 12:09 PM, lynnmosher said:

C S Lakin (former member)

I did not read that as "C.S. Lewis" and then wonder how he got online before the internet was invented. 😳


I do disagree with her analysis of colors... or, not so much disagree as isn't it time we crush those stereotypes? 


Red implies power; pink, weakness.


The first person I think of when I think pink --



It also insinuates girls are weak. (I'm not saying Ms. Larkin says that, but it is stereotypical. And a type of stereotype that needs to be kicked to the roadside. )

Also why I don't like the high angle/low angle, because, sure enough, the lowly person was a woman.


Yes. It is possible to be a Christian and a feminist.

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