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Virtual Book Launch Event


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Hello everyone, I am Nicosie, the founder of Sui generis Books (Pty)Ltd is Christian book publishing company, based in  South Africa. We publish the Sui generis Book Series; these are one-of-a-kind books which are written to educate people about the enormous value of their soul and identity and also encourages people to seek God for life. We plan to launch our new book through a charitable event on the 20th of September 2021.


A significant portion of the funds of the virtual book launch event will go towards donating to an organisation called Door of Hope Children’s mission which cares for abandoned babies and children in South Africa.


We sincerely ask you to please join us from 4pm to 5pm UTC+02,  on Monday the 20th of September, live on Facebook Events. The virtual launch will be live streamed by our sponsor Ocean Driven Media


What you can expect from this event:


The host , who is the founder and director of Sui generis,   will then discuss topics within her book, such as identity, our religion, heritage and  self-development. The main topic question  for discussion is : How to find an identity  within a multifaceted and complex society. She will then talk about the company, including the vision and goals in depth and also future plans for the company. She will also read parts of her new  book.  Then afterwards  there will be an interactive  Q&A  segment, attendees are required to focus and make notes throughout the discussion, because they will have to participate by answering and also asking questions. The Host will ask questions and also the attendees. There will be an open dialogue with the host. Then there will be free gift giveaways,  and after the event attendees  can order the book for 50% off. Also attendees  will get an opportunity to signup for free membership. 
And get free access and discounts on upcoming book launches and signings. Plus more...
Everyone is welcome to attend the event and we hope that by attending you will be truly blessed!

A special thank you to Ocean Driven Media for sponsoring this event.

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