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CW site - Scheduled Downtime


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This is a quick notice of scheduled downtime for the ChristianWriters.com site sometime later tonight (September 7th) or early tomorrow morning (September 8th). We're transferring to a new (faster) server and the site will be down for a short time while we transfer the database. Expected downtime is approximately an hour.

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    I had a real problem with the scheduled downtime.  I couldn't log on to this website at all.  Not all day yesterday, and not this morning.

   I was getting desperate.  Late this morning I logged onto a different writers website, where I'm also a member.

   I posted the following message:  "Are other members of this website, also members of the writers website, christianwriters.com? That website is temporarily offline while performing updates. That seems to be taking much longer than I expected. More than 24 hours. Would anyone know what’s going on? I’m wondering if it’s being sabotaged."

   I received the following answer:  "I’m not a member, but it comes up fine for me. Maybe try shutting down your browser and/or clearing your cache before you try again."

   That's what I did.  I just unplugged my modem then plugged it back in. Now I have christianwriters.com back on line.

   When it comes to using the internet, I'm not all that sophisticated. For me, it's like wandering through a wilderness. I'm glad I've had people to give me good guidance.  I thanked them, and I thank you for still being here.


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