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Prayer request for job interview

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I would like prayers please. I have a job interview on Wednesday morning, for a position I both need and want. It's a position within a college's museum, part working reception, part giving tours and perhaps other duties as well. I am not working currently, and so this interview is especially important. Please pray that I will interview with confidence, which is something I have such a hard time with, and being concise as well.


thank you all so much!

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On 8/25/2021 at 8:12 PM, Brittany Elizabeth said:

I will be sure to post if I have positive news. 

Gentle reminder: God is sovereign; therefore the answer you'll receive is positive.


I've had great jobs and lousy jobs. I've also not had a lot of jobs I interviewed for. Thank you, Lord, for not giving me those. I'm sure you worked it out perfectly.


Since you still want the job after the interview, I am hoping the Lord will give it to you. Oh. And that you'll like it after 6 weeks.

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Hello Everyone,


Just an update, I know it's been quite a long time, but sometimes it takes so long hear back from a potential employer. I did not get hired from this particular job, I know I didn't answer one of the questions well. I was also waiting on another to contact me for an interview (they already had called me to discuss the job), but they decided to close the jop position without hiring. 


this is what I have gone through for so long, and it is so discouraging. I am back to searching, though I have been looking for other openings and I went to a job fair last week, so maybe that will go somewhere


Thank you all for your prayers again. 

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The best way to find a job is networking. Tell as many people as you can what you're looking for. Particularly friends, family, church and any organization you hang around. But do not discount the cashier at the supermarket. And ask those people to tell people they know. Oh, it doesn't hurt to talk to people who work at the museum. (or other places like the museum, since that's not the only place where you can do something similar.)


As for problems with the interview goes? Two ways to handle that. Ask your old guidance counselor for tips. I'm not sure high school/secondary school guidance counselors do that, but after I graduated college, (and a few years after), I went back to see if they could help and the college guidance counselor, did a couple of practice interviews with me.


Other way is to google "Interview questions." Learn what interviewers are likely to ask, and prepare your answers ahead of time. When you think you're ready, have a friend or someone you know, but not well enough that they'll always assuming you're brilliant, (I'm thinking someone at your church), to ask you typical or nontypical interview questions to see how you do. Just so you know how weird they get, one of Microsoft's old questions was "How is the M & M coated?" They're checking for quick creativity rather than knowledge.


The thing I had to learn for interviews: There is always a bit of time between the Interviewer having you sit down wherever they're interviewing, and starting the interview. A good time to say something that tells them why you like that company in particular.


As someone who made resumes for other people, I also know getting interviewed towards the end of their list makes you more memorable. Writing a thank you note will have them not forget you for a long time. Up there with thanking the revenue service for things no-one-thinks-to-do.


Hope this helps. 

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