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Prayer for friend with lung and brain cancer.

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Still haven't seen/talked to my friend, Don. Wife tells me he's on morpheme and isn't very lucid right now. I might get to see him in a couple of weeks after she see's how he's doing. Found out it started as small cell lung cancer and moved into brain and since it's in his spine, bone cancer. Can't tell me what stage, but based on the limited information I'm guessing 3, maybe 4. Was hoping for 2 maybe 3.  He starts chemo tomorrow don't know when he starts radiation. Still don't know when I'll get to talk with him or if he's asking about God. 


Regardless, I appreciate the prayers for somebody none of you know. If nothing else it helps me to keep trying to help him. I'm hoping that God touches him such that he will make the choice to accept Jesus before it's to late.

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On 10/2/2021 at 7:46 AM, Spaulding said:

@zx1ninja How's Don?

As of today, I'm told he's feeling better and going through chemo. It's apparently a treatment with three weeks between each. But I might have that wrong.


Radiation treatment will start when chemo is done to address the brain cancer. Sometime in December. 


I still don't know more about the cancer, stage. But I've been told it started with small cell lung cancer and I'm trying not to pry.


He's eating better and gaining weight back. With his appetite back to about 80%.


I still haven't been able to see him since the original time. Because his wife is keeping him isolated. Which sadly is the reason she got him out of the hospital in the first place. 


I understand she's trying to help and protect him, so I've not said anything to her. But ...


His birthday is coming and his wife has planned a party, of sorts. 6 people for 30 minutes. I have been invited though. I'm not sure who else will be there, but hopefully I'll get a chance to talk and pray with him.


Thanks everyone all for the prayers. I appreciate it very much. 

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A friend's mum, (who was in her 80s with a variety of health issues), fell two times in one day. Because she was so fragile, the friend had to call the paramedics to help get Mum back in bed. In England, the second time the paramedics are called in one day is grounds for taking her to the hospital. She fell down because she was old, senile, and bad lungs, so the plan was to take her home in a few days. (She had been old, senile with bad lungs for the last five years. That's why my friend was taking care of her.) She picked up COVID from another patient, and died 2 weeks later. My friend never got to be with her mum once she was admitted. On the last night, they did let her sit outside Mum's room, where she sang hymns Mum knew.


Another friend became an NP three years ago because her husband had Becker muscular dystrophy that was killing him. She needed to make an income high enough to work for her family and she wanted to help her hubby when he got worse. COVID hit, so her hubby was quarantined from everyone except her and their son. She, on the other hand was a frontline worker. We had prayed last year that he could get an outside-the-body pacemaker which was iffy since he was dying, but the Lord worked it out that he would. Before that happened, he got COVID. There is no way it wasn't from her, a weight she will always carry. She was working toward bringing him home to die there, but he didn't make it either.


(The three of us are friends and the two family members died within a week of one another.)


I get taking hubby out of the hospital. I get being overprotective. I would too.

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7 hours ago, Spaulding said:

get taking hubby out of the hospital. I get being overprotective. I would too

I do get that, but she's isolating him which is exactly why she got him out of the hospital. It just seems strange, but I'm not going to question her motives 

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