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Newbie from England!

T.E. Bird

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I'm a newbie to this Christian Writers' forum.  Delighted to "meet" all of you! 😀


Here's a little about me:


Passionate about Jesus and making Him known in this world!  

Wife + (Mom x 2) = Abundant Blessings

Born and bred in Texas. Have lived in England since 2004.  Will shortly be living in Aberdeen, Scotland.  

Retired from a 32-year business career.  

Finished a 5-year book pursuit, called "Are You Ready For Heaven?  The Best Is Yet To Come" by T.E. Bird

Website and faith blogs: https://tebirdbooks.com

Love chasing a little orange ball around the golf courses in my spare time.


I have always enjoyed writing entertaining copy.  Now that I have a bit more time, I want to make Jesus known in any way that God so directs and sees fit.  It is His message to proclaim, and I pray that He will be able to use my willing heart for His glory!  I thanked God today for each of you, and the connection that is facilitated through so many like-minded writers.  


Have a blessed week!

T.E. Bird

Email: TEBirdBooks@gmail.com


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Well hello! 👋 You're in England?  That's so cool!!  I'm a Michigander, but I do a killer British accent (not to brag or anything 😉).  Scotland's pretty amazing too, from all I hear. Sounds like you've been around!  Anyways, welcome to Christianwriters.

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