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Hello to everyone in this forum! It appears I may have put the cart before the horse as I skipped right over the Meet & Greet section and posted a request in the Jobs section...... sorry for that! 


As I mentioned in my inquiry for a freelance writer, I have been studying the Book of Daniel for some time. This was after I read and studied "today's accepted interpretations" authored by so many talented and brilliant scholars, commentators and serious students of Daniel over the many years. It became clear that despite the immense talent and theological knowledge this group could bring to this topic there still was at least two major camps offering very different interpretations on the exact same verses. This is certainly no unusual as the Scriptures are quite difficult to understand, especially Daniel and Revelation. Even thought these two groups differed on many verses they both seemed to apply the same "approach"; they both used an "historical approach" in interpreting Daniel. Essentially, they attempted to match the actors and events in Daniel to those in our secular history books. This approach was successful in the earlier chapters of Daniel but broke down in the later chapters when this matching process failed miserably, Bottom line is that Daniel is and was never meant to be a history lesson. There is nothing to learn from a history lesson other than history - Daniel is a prophetic book where its messages are carried through the 4 kingdoms. The 4 kingdoms are certainly historical but they are not the story / interpretations / focus. The historical information in Daniel keeps us traveling in the right direction as well as providing the yellow lines or boundaries in the road. 


In any event, by interpreting Daniel in a spiritual or eschatological manner as apposed to the historical approach, a very different series of interpretations can be uncovered and provide a very consistent prophetic story throughout the 12 chapters. No longer do we see the 12 chapters broken into two very different books - 6 books historical and 6 books prophetic. They are all prophetic and are being carried through our history within these final 4 kingdoms.


There are at least two very important skill sets required in this exercise: the ability to drill down and attempt to identify the true underlying message or interpretations in Daniel, and then to be able to take those findings and present them in a very readable manner to an interested reading group. The later is not in my wheel house. Consequently, I am interested in identifying a talented writer who can take my estimated 8 -9 K word count rough commentary for each of the 12 chapters and use all the arrows in their quiver to convert it into a easy read, non academic, clear commentary on the Book of Daniel. And because these are truly new interpretations that clearly depart from "today's accepted interpretations", the ability to take a complex subject and make it easy to understand is a must have talent. 


If this seems like an interesting project for some within this forum I would like to hear from you and we can discuss this further. As I mentioned in my previous post, I would like to submit the first chapter to a potential writer / re-writer as a beta test for both parties. Since it currently stands at around 9K word count, we can certainly agree to limit the re-write to a much smaller sample size. I am not really interested in a free re-write for a one or two page sample size... I don't think that would tell me what I need to see .... I would most likely not be able to get a true understanding / flavor of your work / voice...... consequently, we could easily agree on a compensation for the larger re-write...... 


Well, that is my story and thank you for listening, best wishes, Charlie

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  • lynnmosher changed the title to Hello everyone

Thank you very much HH1.


If you (everyone within this forum) do not mind, I would like to ask another question .... since I have absolutely NO understanding of your industry or how things are perceived...... To me, my inquiry seems quite normal and should give the readers a fairly good understanding of my needs as they concern this commentary. However, I have NO ability to see how the other side receives / views this search.


Consequently, even if you (whoever you might be)  is not interested in this particular project, I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone within your industry how this is coming across..... From the perspective of a writer / freelancer, am I presenting a clear picture of my needs? Is this a project that is not attractive for one or more reasons? Is the subject matter or the fact it is a "commentary" v novel something most freelances would not be interested in? Or are there other reasons I am not aware of that cause freelancers to not pursue?


Would greatly appreciate the feedback and thanks in advance for your time and consideration, Charlie

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Oops! I wrote this yesterday but it didn't get posted. So sorry.


Hello, Charlie! I changed the title of your thread to Hello everyone, so you would get a better response. Glad you joined us. Making use of the critique forum will probably answer your questions. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing! 😃

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