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Need for a Christian re-writer.


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There are at least 10 billion books, commentaries, papers, etc., on the Book of Daniel. Although each has their own spin or take on 12 chapters in Daniel, their interpretations usually fall in line within two major camps, but regardless on which camp these scholarly works fall into, both groups have very little success in unpacking the latter chapters of Daniel. It is my opinion this stems from the fact they have tremendous difficulty in matching the events and actors in these later chapters to our history books. There is less confusion and difficulty interpreting the first 6 or so chapters since Daniel almost holds our hands as we walk through the first 3 of the 4 kingdoms. 

After reading much of those commentaries, studies and opinions that have found their way onto all the shelfs - whether academically or not, and where they provide us with "today's accepted" interpretations, I decided to attempt a study on my own and take advantage  of all the tremendous work by those same authors who have produced those studies mentioned above. I am more than sure I was able to identify no less than 20 of most difficult, controversial, (still) uninterpreted, and misinterpreted verses and have been able to provide new understandings and interpretations for each of the 20 where they are not simply a different interpretation sitting alone, but where they all fit together to form a seamless and consistent story / picture from chapter 1 to 12. Essentially, there are just two reasons for these new interpretations and findings: the "approach" and the "focus" on Daniel is completely different. Contrary to all the previous studies, Daniel is not a historical or partially historical reading with the prophetic message resting in the later chapters......


Now, here is my issue:  I am NO WRITER!!! My skill set has always been a problem solver, a thinker (no, certainly not an intellectual by any means), someone who can find patterns, consistencies, breaks, etc., but my weakness has been and will always be the written and spoken word - it is just not in my wheelhouse and I NEED AND WANT a professional writer that is Christian, understands / familiar / enjoys the Book of Daniel and is willing to take my work (one chapter at a time) and re-write in as though it is not written by a 6th grader. Most importantly to me is integrity and honesty - If I believe my work is truly a new and correct interpretation of Daniel and departs from all the existing work that continues to support the two major "camps", and I CERTAINLY BELIEVE THIS DOES PROVIDE THE TRUE UNDERLYING MESSAGE OF GOD THROUGH DANIEL, the individual re-writer must ensure the confidentiality of this work as well as being able to take my words and paragraphs and flow and content, etc., and make it readable.  


Well, that is my story and I will look forward to viewing any responses! Best wishes always, Charlie 

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Charlie, I suggest two things: 1) hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and they can get to know you; 2) post your work in the critique forum and others will help you polish your work. After you have reached the required 10 comments and the system has had time to catch up, you are welcome to use the critique forum. Be sure to read the rules first. 😃

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On 8/11/2021 at 6:44 AM, suspensewriter said:

I wish you luck on this project, @Charlie, it sounds interesting.  But are you so sure of yourself?

I am going to have to amend my previous response to you. Yes, I am more than sure I have the intended interpretations within Daniel and they are quite a departure from today's accepted interpretations, however, the ONLY reason I am so sure they are correct has NOTHING to do with my abilities, strengths or even luck! I can candidly and honestly tell you that every interpretation was graciously provided to me by the Holy Spirit. No, there was no audible sounds or conversations going on but everytime I hit that brick wall or fell into a deep hole completely frustrated, bruised and lost, I would stop the process and turn to Him and ask for His guidance and support...... Everytime I asked He would help me.....and it seemed like He would always assist me in a little different way.... so yes, I am sure but it has nothing to do with me! 


As I mentioned, now it is time to take those interpretations - His prophecies that reveal a story about Him and His Plan of Salvation  - not interpretations focused on various men and their conflicts found in our history books. The 12 chapters are not a history lesson but reveal all the "main events" that take place during the last 2,500 years of our history - from Babylon to His second coming. If we look for the Messiah within these verses we will find Him... but "today's accepted interpretations" are looking for actors and events that match up  and can be found in our history books. Bottom line is that God is not having Daniel write the most complicated prophetic book in the Scriptures (leaving Revelation out of this) just to record some historical events in man's history..... He is not going to waste His prophetic capital on man's conflicts and conquests for power. It is all about HIM.That is the "approach" He has revealed to me.... nothing I have done or created or discovered was involved in this project. Now I simply need a talented writer to take my commentaries (by chapter) and clean them up so they are presentable. A writer or re-writer will have NO problem understanding each of the commentaries and they will be able to organize, amend, correct, etc., those errors that do not belong in a written story.


So, if you can recommend a talented individual that may also have an interest in Daniel, I would greatly appreciate it. I can certainly send them a copy of chapter 1 for them to review and determine if they want to pursue...... Chapter 1 is relatively tame but still has many important interpretations to be revealed.... and they are not available in today's commentaries of chapter 1.  Thanks again, Charlie



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