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Prayer Request

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I'm on another writing site for young writers, and one of my friends on there deleted. She wasn't doing so well mentally, struggling with thoughts and feelings, and there haven't been any updates. My friends and I know she would never delete without telling us, so there has to be a solid reason. We don't know anything yet though 😞 this may seem small and perhaps it's nothing, but I am truly worried and would ask that you pray for her safety. I know the last song she listened to on Spotify was "People Watching" by conan gray. part of it goes like this:



Cut people out like tags on my clothing
I end up all alone but I still keep hoping
I won't be scared to let someone know me
Life feels so monotone but I still keep hoping

I wanna feel all that love and emotion
Be that attached to the person I'm holding
Someday, I'll be falling without caution
But for now, I'm only people watching



this song mentions things she was really fighting and my friends and I wonder if it may have led to something... bad. We don't know. We could be overreacting. But if you would pray, I would be so grateful. I have a bad feeling about all of this 



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