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Met with Mentor


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It was only a half-hour Zoom meeting and I am glad it was recorded. 

Goals have changed. She wants me to change how I think of my audience.  I agree.  My focus is working with adults now and my writing reflects it. 

She asked me not to do any more rewriting. She wants me to expand the section where Thaddaeus goes into the village toward the end of the middle and explore the feelings of the Villagers who have been asked to send away their talented children. Before Kheta spent time with the talented. She told me the deadline is now off the table, exvept for the December meeting in person. 

She hopes that I have the outline and a discovery draft done by September, but doesn't expect anything but a creative idea draft and not to worry about proofreading because the reader will just be evaluating the plot.


My sister is using my world to write a novel and it fun to have someone to talk world building with.


Praying for guidance on the amount of time to spend writing. There is so much to be done with groups helping within the community that need help and I am torn between the two,


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