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I thought this was pretty cool!

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In planning my novel, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to discuss it with a friend in Corrections. Unfortunately, she indicated that I would probably need go higher, like FBI as opposed to local law enforcement for certain details, so doing some research on the FBI, I saw this.


"How can screenwriters, authors, and producers seeking authenticity work with the FBI?

If you are a writer, author, or producer who wants to feature the FBI, we may be able to work with you to create an accurate portrayal of the Bureau. We’ve been doing it since the 1930s."

I love that they encourage people to talk to them! I would have assumed it was a waste of their time and impediment to justice if I were to try and e-mail them specifically.

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I'm amazed how often calling a business or department and starting out with "I'm writing a novel and could use your help" works. I have to laugh afterward, because who has time to talk to little-ole me?


But one other piece of advice -- know your questions before hand. Treat it like an interview, so only ask relative questions and skip the small talk, (unless they want to know more.)

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2 hours ago, Spaulding said:

know your questions before hand

Yes! This is why I'm doing research first. I found "THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S GUIDELINES REGARDING THE USE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS" PDF and feel like I'm in college trying to figure out what this all means, and grasping some info, and trying to coherently figure out the plot and make sure it sounds right in my head before "bothering" others about it. I need to get more organized first. I kind of made a mess out of my novel.

I need Penny Escher from Stranger Than Fiction to come and help me out.

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