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Is the following going on with any of you?  


The Medical Center where I live gives patients of participating general physicians

and specialists a sign-on to review visits, treatments obtained, etc.    I have used

the website on and off, and I thought it would be useful to take a look at a

description of a 1.5 hour operation I had a week ago, which included removal of tissue

for suspected cancer.   My primary physician is still supposed to tell me the results of a

pathology report in about three weeks.


Well, I logged onto the medical website yesterday, and lo and behold, the results from

the pathology lab are there.   I experienced a tremendous rush of thoughts as I scanned

the report.   There was a lot of, to me, odd terminology on it so I asked my wife (retired

RN) to interpret.   She explained to me that they removed benign tissue.   


I am of course very pleased with the diagnosis; now I don't have to wait three weeks to know.

But, I am bothered that pathology results were posted without prior notification of any kind.  

Had the results been "malignant", I think I would have been ready to deal with it with the

Lord's help.   But still....


Do you use a similar site for your medicare care?   If yes, are pathology results posted

with such, uh--I'm not sure how to describe this.


Now I'm chuckling that this would certainly make good material for developing someone's Chapter 1.   


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My local hospital is part of a health nework in Indy. I chose NOT to sign up for that service for quite some time. This past winter, I did. The information I saw on those pages were beyond my understanding. How big is a centimeter?  Yes, I had cancer. But the thing is the information that is posted is placed there before the doctor of record sees it.  The first time I viewed the information, I got scared.  However, I am thankful the health network reminds me of future appointments I have.

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My hubby goes to a VA hospital, and has such a portal. Their regulations are that the information must be posted by the end of the year. 


About a month ago, he had a test to determine how much circulation he has in his legs and feet. His primary, who has since taken a new job, ordered the test. He has neuropathy, so it is a good question, and yet, not only are the results missing, we're not even sure who to ask.


Several years ago, he spent the first half of a year in that hospital. They were giving him tests constantly. The results posted the following January took several pages in his file. A couple of those results would have stopped the need for some of the same invasive tests being redone. 



As for me, I teaching hospital system, so I had a portal too. I closed it a year ago. It is supposed to tell me what is being done for me and what the results are, but most of it was telling me of upcoming or post appointments multiple time, giving me forms to fill out before the appointment that doctors never used, how much I owe, how much that chain of hospitals is doing to "prevent COVID," (which, btw, it's still doing whenever I leave a doctor's office through multiple pages of papers, and they're about two months behind everyone else), and "summaries" of those appointments. Each summary was six pages to tell me when my next appointment would be and to please fill out a survey. One doctor keeps including a couple of extra pages on "quit smoking," even after I quit smoking.


I figure if it's important, the doctor will tell me. Even then, they tend to tell me what they need to do but that never happens anyway.


Oh, and they still belt out repeat emails telling me to come back. It goes in my spam box to the tune of eight times per month. I did email them to tell why I quit first, but those emails are from the famous no-reply.


Sadly, I no longer trust the medical community any further than I can spit. Oh, and when I spit, it drools down my chin.

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