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Need Writers For Christian Apologetics Website


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We are starting a new website devoted to Christian Apologetics.


The main focus of the site will be to cover topics of how God's design is seen in creation.


For example, we may have an article on the heart. I would need someone to dive into the design of the human heart, how it functions, and to show how the heart is an amazing design that could not have happened by random chance.


We will also do similar articles on God's design seen in various creatures. For example, we may do an article on birds and how flight, how birds are designed etc... shows God's design and how it could not have happened by chance.


These are just examples but these will be the type of topics covered.


We need a writers that can commit to a long term project since this will be an on-going project.


Please let me know how much you would charge per word to write an article.


Please send samples of your writing because we need to see an understand your writing style.



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Thank you for posting this. It sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile project. May the Lord bless it! You might want to add a point of contact like your website. An email address is not advised. Others won't be able to PM you because the site requires 10 comments in order to use the private messaging system.

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I am interested, though I do not know much about rates.... i've never written professionally yet... however, I have been trained by Summit Ministries, Focus on the Family Institute, as well as extensive personal research... If you want a rough sampling of my writing, I have an old apologetic blog you could look at - www.countertopministries.com  - however, most of those articles are over 5 years old. I also have some old blog posts on this website you could look at... 


What is the length of the articles you would desire for the website? or what would the formatting be? do you know yet? 


Apologetics is a passion of mine, and I could really use the supplemental pay right now. 

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