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New poetry book released: the Chasm

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Hello everyone!


I am excited to share with you that I have recently released a fresh book of poetry called 'the Chasm' now available on Amazon!

Here's a link for you to check it out:


the Chasm by Rebecca Anne Perry


For the One

This book is for the one who is walking through challenging circumstances and is pursuing victory in spite of the pain, sorrow and suffering of the process.  The format of the book is patterned after David's psalms - expunge the torment, demand for justice, accept what is, acknowledge God's sovereignty and discover hope through God’s love and mercy.


The Messy Process of Overcoming Challenges

The ten chapters deal with the different aspects of processing the challenges of life including: rejection, betrayal, division, demand for justice, sorrow, forgiveness, hope, restoration, overcoming unto purpose and wisdom from experience.


Like much of life, the poetry of this book is messy, unexpected, painful, hopeful, encouraging and in need of forgiveness and acceptance. The author wrestles with God and herself to come to terms with what she's experienced in life.  

A Life Examined
This poetry is in the middle of the complicated journey, as the author moves through life, learning what she can from her past experiences to inform her current circumstances.  She doesn't have it all figured out.  She doesn't know all the answers.  She is simply a woman who pursues inner transformation and the gaining of wisdom through a life examined.  She shares her journey to encourage, empower and invite anyone to a life surrendered to the process.

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