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Beta Reader for Ragtag Souls

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OK.  I am putting my 1st novel out for beta reading. Some of the scenes were posted when I first joined but not much as I was already into an advanced state with it.  However, getting nowhere fast with agents and publishers I of a mind it would benefit from a beta read.

It is 89K word count, had been copy edited so should be easy to read.

Here is a short summary of the story:


In the summer of 1982, tragedy destroys the lives and faith of teenagers Jude and Cora. Both flee their bible belt Tennessee hometown to escape tormented memories of lost love and innocence. Ten years later love brings them together, giving them the courage to return home live. When family secrets unfold and trust is misplaced, history looks set to repeat itself.  Do they flee the evil that once ripped their souls apart or put their faith in love to save them?


Any takers? Happy to beta read in return.

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On 7/12/2021 at 4:42 AM, Shamrock said:

tragedy destroys the lives and faith of teenagers Jude and Cora.

You might indicate somehow that it's not the same tragedy and their stories are separate at this point. Maybe something like "different tragedies destroy the lives and faith of teenagers Jude and Cora. Separately they flee ..."



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Can I lend my opinion regarding the suggestion for your blurb? I think your sentence was good, and the suggestion would muddle the power of it. Why do the people reading the blurb need to know that they were different tragedies, and that they separately fled? The point is that there was tragedy and they fled-- that's all they need to know to get hooked. When you add in all those qualifications for "accuracy" it dilutes the power of the blurb. 


Just my take!

Edited by Rebecca Mogollon
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Thank you Rebecca - I can see both points of view.

Let me go through the other beta readers' comments first and the get back to you if that is OK.


SW - I have had a lot of conflicting comments on this book.  I may well take Rebecca up on her offer but I would like to see the others comments first before going ahead.  


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No worries shamrock, don’t let us overwhelm you 🙂 I can only imagine what it feels like to get Feedback from 3 to 5 people! Seems like a lot of work to integrate that. Not only that, but to process the criticism in itself. You’re already my hero because I have yet to reach the point of having beta readers, so kudos!

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Let me explain why I think it matters that they were different tragedies and they fled separately. I had the idea at the beginning that the two were connected. I  found the early chapters confusing because their circumstances were so different, needing different solutions. I kept waiting for a single solution.



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