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Writing poetic Character Arcs


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I do writing practices everyday. One asked for "a I am a --" statements from our book characters. I tried to be poetic as I had my grieving character Thaddaeus compare himself to nature. 



Thaddaeus’s I am statements

Beginning of book

I am a frog in a dry pond. When I croak, my cry sounds like a choking sparrow, a series of shrill squeaks and sputtering. I burrow deep into the dirt seeking lifesaving moisture and bury myself in silence as I wait for the rain.


Middle of book

I am the confusion of April. Sudden storms with lightning and thunder cursing the heavens: gentle showers blessing the struggling sprouting seeds. The killing frost: warm comforting days. Cold wind :gentle warm  breezes. I am the constant changing of a new season.

I fall to my knees and smell the promise of May in the thawing ground.



I am a puddle of cool rain -an overflow of water floating on the saturated soil, wanting twittering robins to come flap their wings as they bathe and children to stamp and splash as they share my joy and Spring’s abundance.


I'd love to hear how other authors have their character's would describe themselves using "I am a" statements. I found it fun to write and find a new perspective on presenting my character.

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