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A man named Jesus ( last one ill will take a break from posting)


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You paused the world.

To take the time

For me to get to know you,

That is amazing since you are the creator

And I am a nobody,

You made the sun and moon in just four words

I struggle to get through a single day,

I hear the T.V. preacher talking about how to be better

That is incredible since this man never had to struggle a day in his life

With his four-year degree paid for by mommy and daddy,

That is enough about him being cheesy with his perfect family

Talking about how much they love thee

Walking past the man on the sidewalk with his hand out

Judging him, pretending they are more loved than him

When did Christianity become individualism?

I thought we were part of a family in this together,

People are hurting all around the world

The only cure is to help each other,

If I look at my life and judge your love by what I have

I would say dam how he hates me,

but if I stare at the cross, I say, man, how he loves me,

The battle began in Heaven, only to be finished on Earth

We love thy neighbor like they have a curse,

Spend more time on social media than in your word,

Skip a service without a phone, how dare you,

People would literally sell you out for thirty likes, let alone silver,

Enough of what I see let us get back to you and me

I am trying every day to make a difference,

Small as they may seem, they can grow to be a game-changer,

Might be holding a door or giving the shirt off my back,

Anything I can do that offers hope to humanity,

The Neatest thing in the world is when they ask what I believe

Because they say I am different,

That is when I tell of a man named Jesus and what he did.

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