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The Message


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A-    Always

B-    Be

C-    Christ

D-    Delivered

E-    Everyone

F-     For

G-   God

H-   Holy

I-      In

J-      Jesus

K-   King

L-    Lord

M-  Messiah

N-    N

O-    O

P-     People

Q-   Question

R-    Righteousness

S-     Saved

T-    Truth

U-    U

V-    Victory

W-  With

X-    X

Y-    Y

Z-    Zion

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Very good. Refeshing to me. Never been here before. I find the presentation very intriguing owing to the beauty that can be found in each of the words displayed. Powerful, what is happening.

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HI Mr. Dumas I sent you a message on this website on your page giving u my email. Wondering if you received it? I do not have the gram, or Facebook lol seriously. Thank you again for your powerful encouraging words.

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