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The light of the day was dark as the night.

People were quiet but screaming inside.

We touched so much there was nothing left to touch.

As we tasted every beautiful thing in sight.

 We could only smell the rotten we have done.

The words of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln memorial

would only fall on deaf ears if yesterday were today.

The night turned bright as day.

 People starting fires shinning brighter like the moon.

The way things are going got me shook.

My color makes me better than you, says the straw man.

Comments turned off from freedom of speech.

The strong steel of a gun hardens our brutality.

The media tells stories spitting on facts.

The world is changing as the book said it would.

Be careful or you about to be deceived.

If man were a plant, he would grow straight like a tree.

The sky is blue only from earth.

My life is worth more got me seeing red.

Your rights, my rights, equal rights, serves you right.

One breathe, two-breathes, out of breath.

“spero spera” (If you have the power to breathe, you can also have a dream)

Fat lady about to bellow…...Relax.

Through the darkness, came a knight.

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Very many lines I liked in this poem. Full and heavy with imagery that promises more... I see several good lines that would spark lines of thought for several additional poems. The gift one writer has is the the gift one writer sees in another. There is for certain power in this poem. Thank you for being the person who wrote it and shared it with us out here.


(You are indeed a writer. It takes one to know one. The first five lines are five worthy themes I would give as examples of the 'several'. More, if you wanted to know the rest.)

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That has to be the greatest compliment I have ever received! Thank you. Yes, I would like to know the rest. I was so nervous about posting it, but so glad I did. Thank you so much!

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If you facebook me (Sam Dumas) I will give you my email address through messenger. From there you can ask more of my thoughts, and we can dialogue more, as we have time. My aim is to teach a free class in future, or at best give to others some of my many secrets re: writing. 

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