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Your words burst

In truth and love

Shining Light into the darkness

Picking me up or humbling me down

You held me up when I wanted to fall

My thoughts and actions fall short

My Battles were won and lost but you never let me

 forget The War is already won

You bring the good news my sins were

hanged and taking to be forgotten

Whether the storms are dark and cold

 you will be my warmth and guiding light

You tell a story only to give me your shine

I run to die but you shout about a new life

I search for ways to repay only to fall on my face

Having to be reminded of his Grace

I can never forget how God loves me with you by my side

I can only hope he knows how I feel.

Like a child yearning for the embrace of their mother

Lost in the storms of life’s high seas will

only take me straight back to you

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