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Visiting after a long time

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Hi all.  I've been away from CW for absolutely ages.  Partly due to going through a period of writing inactivity and partly due to life in general being far too hectic.  I was an admin on this site when I was more active with my own writing.  Life isn't overly hectic right now:  in February I was sped off to Hospital with Covid 19 and am, even now, still in recovery courtesy of 'Long Covid'.  Recovery at all was due to the hospital's magnificent attention and the prayers of friends and family.
When the paramedics arrived I was unconcious.  Due to the restrictions in place my wife had to leave the room and stay distanced while they put me on oxygen and took me into the ambulance.  She did not have chance to say goodbye - and it looked like it might be 'goodbye' for good. It was three days before the hospital could tell her there were signs of recovery, you can imagine how terrible those days must have been for my family. After a week of oxygen and who knows what by way of medication I was allowed home, very weak and with an oxygen machine for company.  Daily contact with a doctor continued for some time. Climbing the stairs to go to bed wasn't possible for nearly a fortnight as it left me breathless and too far away from the oxygen machine - so I was 'camped out' in the lounge.  Six weeks later X-rays showed some improvements in my lungs.  I am currently having other tests (X-rays, CT scan etc) to ascertain damage done by that horrible virus.
This all had a positive effect too as I started writing again.
My antics with the ukulele band were also constrained (initially by the restrictions as performances were banned) as I couldn't practice with the six (maximum number that were allowed to gather)With restrictions slowly being lifted I am now able to join up with them but covid continues to mean I have to be seated and I can't sing - as my energy level and breathing are still well below par. 
But, thanks to all  the prayer support, I am recovering - though it's frustratingly slow.
God bless

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