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On 6/9/2021 at 9:05 AM, suspensewriter said:

Yes, that's the crux of it- how you portray your faith in a story.

Mine in an MG* urban fantasy, so there was this big problem of portraying God at all in my story. Jesus came to save the people his Father gave him, right? Did he come to save blue gills? Emperor penguins? Lemurs? For that matter, dinosaurs, leviathans, and cave bears?


Most important question, did he come to save stuffed animals?


Those are my characters, and this is for kids, so I don't want to steer them wrong either.


So, I placed God where Humans usually place him. Last on the list when there is no one else to turn to. 🥴


Almost all that could go wrong did go wrong in Book 1. Book 2 is a continuation. (Pretty sure I've covered everything that could go wrong.)


But there are stuffed animals who grew up in Christian families, so just believe God is good and he is love without worrying about what they get out of him. (Salvation.) And they know some of the Bible by heart.


When all of the weight of the last book came crashing down at the beginning of this book. When everyone fell apart into one massive sob session. When they realized that even when they went to save some of their group, they didn't save them all, the 3-year-old teddy bear who started crying first said that he still hurt but felt better.


And a stuffed rabbit said, "Bear one another's burdens."


Some others understood her, but that caused discussions about Galaxians, bears not being oxes, and the plural of ox is oxen, all before the 3-year-old asked, "Who is Jesus?" The answer didn't come for another two chapters, and brought other questions that weren't answered directly in the story.


So, yes, faith and God are in my stories, literally. But, I'll be truthful, I was going to leave it alone until some other writers told me what I have to believe about LBGQ to indoctrinate little kids. And I keep seeing the World's writers preaching their own urban fantasy as truth, so I figure it's time to give kids' guardians (parents, teachers, and church), another choice for what their kids read for fun. The gloves are off, so yes. God is in my story as who he is. Not a character. The sovereign One who loves all of his creation. (And stuffed animals came from the minds of people who were made by God, so they count.)

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On 6/9/2021 at 2:50 PM, Nicola said:

The wider world is suspicious of people who say they don't doubt. Let's be real and authentic. With that in your mind, put your pen on the paper and see what comes out! 

There is less and less doubt the longer we're Christians. (I've just realized this recently.) I'm using that as part of the story too. Since the stuffies range from months old to 98 years old, the antiques who have believed all along, trust more than the ones created in the mid 20th century, who trust more than 21st century ones, who trust more than the ones just learning. (Not a requirement, but I love the subtle things in stories.)

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