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  1. 1. Which name

    • Jaques
    • Don Juan (his father was Juan, and his mother Dawn, and they couldn't decide on a name, so they did both.)

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Don Juan has a connotation of up to no good - Don Giovanni. 


However, Jacques reminds me of Jacques Cousteau, famous diver, so that works too.


Here is my Jacques Cousteau story. I never met the man, but a friend of mine did. I knew Mark because our parents worked for the same company. Then he and I both went to MIT together. One of the professors at MIT, Doc Edgerton, invented the strobe light. He and Cousteau were friends, since Cousteau used the strobe equipment for his underseas exploration. One summer Doc and Jacques took Mark to see the Loch - Loch Ness, Scotland. They used the world's most advanced camera tech to search for the Loch Ness monster. No monster turned up, but they drank a lot of beer and had a great time in Scotland. Now that is a summer internship for the ages...

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