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im smoking like lights now

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i'm smoking rollmeo's in hope's of quiting.im down from 2 packs to maybe 1 pack.the rolled cigurates are like lights been having some good days like only smoking 8 and some bad days smoking like 30.New to myself is gaining appreation of weather or not i can quit and being able to subside from like what feel's like a day's work hopefully I can get my act together. lot's of love hope you all are having a wonderful time my tr group seems to be keeping me ocupied on the nationality part.besides the way out aspect there isn't much to having a great time with smoking just don't care enough during the days to ocupi my time and the sensation of being like shut in all the time take's away from my feeling of like day and night cycle making me inclined i guess. thanks everyone for sitting around the campfire with me i like my morning coffe and such i just hope a habit doesn't make my whole day's reconsilement a fortitude something i can cling to  and actual take part in action wise would make my life alot better a job might be a upgrade from boredum but the groups i made shure i had to go to seems to be kinda working with feeling's and such knowing you need help can be a battle as well sometimes.

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