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I might be quitting my new job

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I am make 60% less than when I worked security.  I don't want to go back to the security company though.  While cleaning the security office at the university one of their officers mentioned that they have an opening and I should contact the department head (an ex cop from my city).  I tried to call but sleeping during the day made it too late so I sent him an email with my resume and mentioned a few people that I know that he knows.  Now we see if he tells me to apply or get lost and keep my new job.


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Well I have an interview tomorrow at 3.  The Director told me that they have no budget so he can't pay me more than $13 - $14 an hour.  I make $11 right now.  The benefits are close to the same. Medical Mutual for the insurance. Holidays, vacation and sick days.  Either 2nd shift or 3rd shift depending on what his current officers want to do.

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They have to go through the hiring process of interviewing more people and can't start the process until the current person quits in June.  They did tell me to clean up my public profiles as they could be objectionable to a liberal.

For summer my current job is giving us 1/2 paid day off on Fridays, we leave at lunch and get the whole day paid.


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