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Wow this guy's good at marketing - especially his own stuff.


Good sales patter but an expensive price tag.  I think a lot of what he suggests he can teach you is already out there on the web - C S Larkin, or K Welland etc. I am not saying he isn't good at his job ( he clearly is if what he says about his client's success,)  I just think for the average writer he priced himself out. If I had the money, he wants for his program, I think I could make better use of it.

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Tim's an amazing person. He's the one who lets us watch him struggle through his own writing as Sean teaches him on the main StoryGrid podcast. But this is his day job. And if we had the desire and budget I know it would be worth the investment, therefore his customer target is going to be someone earning way more than most.

I listened to the first half and I already knew what I need to do. I just have to figure out how and where to go be a super fan and prepare my kids for me to attend (and speak at) a bunch of homeschool conferences. Tim isn't the first person to tell me this is the next step, it's just daunting!

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