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I asked a friend this riddle a few years ago, and he couldn’t get it after a long time. We’re not friends anymore. Maybe you’ll get it.


A young boy and his father were out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico when they were blindsided by a huge tropical storm. The father was killed instantly while the boy was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The young boy was wheeled into the operating room and prepped for emergency surgery, but the surgeon assigned to the young boy stared at him in surprise. "I can’t operate on him!" the doctor exclaimed to the staff. "This is my son!"

How can that be?

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19 minutes ago, William D'Andrea said:


    Or the boy's mother was first married to one of the men.  Then they were divorced.  After that she married the other man.


The simplest answer is often the right one

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2 hours ago, William D'Andrea said:

    Either answer is equally valid.


If you want to go down that rabbit hole, why don’t you just say the surgeon and the father are a married same sex-couple or that the father who was killed was a transman who gave birth before gender-reassignment surgery.


Those are valid answers too. Or we can stick with the simplest solution.

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