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I could use some writing prompts...

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I know prompts have been brought up recently, but is anyone willing to offer some more specific ones for me?
I'd love some prompts that involve a very moral/lawful good character. The prompts don't have to be all happiness and butterflies, as long as they stay PG.

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@lynnmosher @Rebecca or @Johne am I allowed to post my own story prompts (in picture format. Think something like Pinterest) off my website or leave her a link since she is asking for story prompts? If not, I will dig them up and write them out. 🙂 


(I think you will like #1, #4, and #9. 🙂

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This is back on page 2, but Lynn posted this site for prompts: https://thewritelife.com/writing-prompts/


If you type "writing prompts" (with the quotation marks) in the search box in the upper right, you will find prompts that people have suggested (as well as a few places where "writing prompts" is simply in the post).

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2 hours ago, Alley said:

Thank you! I like this one! It already inspires me.



6 hours ago, Ky_GirlatHeart said:

I could maybe come up with more later on Lord willing! How specific do you want them to be?

I'd really like ones that deal with a young woman who's very unwilling to compromise on her morals. The prompt can be as specific or vague as you are able to come up with other than that. Adventurous ideas... people and/or situations that push her out of her comfort zone... prompts that help me think about how she'll deal with villains... (Not that they have to all be that specific, those are just some of the things that I'm dealing with in my rut)

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"I'd really like ones that deal with a young woman who's very unwilling to compromise on her morals. The prompt can be as specific or vague as you are able to come up with other than that."


That is the Joseph Lure. 


Develop a scene where the young woman will be exposed to enticing words in one of these lines and bombarded with them day after day to erode her morals.  


1). "Everybody is doing it. So what makes you unique? You must flow with the current. I do not understand your reason why you make yourself a strange person among normal people."


2). "I hear what you say. But are you sure that is what God really means about the words you are quoting from the Bible? Remember God's word must be interpreted according to each generation. What you say was true back then, but today we live in a different world and we have to apply His word in a different way. Back then they could keep the word literally. But today we face different challenges; therefore, there is no problem in adapting His word for our modern circumstances. God perfectly understands our situation."  


3). "You will be doing this not to satisfy yourself. You will do it for the sake of another person in need. God will not mind if you break His word as long as your intention is to help another person. God judges your motive, not your actions. Your motive is love and Love sacrifices itself for another person. Doesn't it?"


4). "This is your single opportunity. Such a chance may never cross your path again. Are you sure that God is not opening this door of opportunity for you now? Are you going to miss it because it forces you out of your comfort zone? Are you a rigid person who for the sake of a principle misses an opportunity opening before her? Please answer that question for yourself. But try to be logical when you answer that question." 


5). "No one will know. It will remain a total secret between you and me (us). I (We) promise you that. This person (organization) will be grateful for you forever for doing this for us to save us from shame/ loss."


6). "The clock is ticking. Your time is running out. You have waited so much. Before it is too late, act now. Your way did not deliver; try this route before it is too late. Time is not in your favor. You have waited God enough. He gave us a will and a mind; He wants us to use them." 


7). 'When God spoke those words to you, as you say, are sure that you heard Him correctly? Was it really that what He said? Was it His Voice or the devil's? If it was God, do not you think that promise would have been fulfilled by now? But look at your condition; does it carry any sign that you are in His will? Do you see any sign that you are any close to what God promised you? On my part, seeing your condition I conclude that God did not speak to you at all. Don't you think it is time to use your brain? Please use your brain and escape your present circumstance. It is time that you abandon that crazy "promise" idea which has robbed you all these golden opportunities."



If the young woman seeks counsel from her pastor, I expect him to advise her using the following Scriptures:-

["Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes" 2 Cor. 2:11]

["Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes" Eph. 6:11]

["And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light" 2 Cor. 11:14]

["But I fear that somehow your pure and undivided devotion to Christ will be corrupted, just as Eve was deceived by the cunning ways of the serpent" 2 Cor. 11:3}

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