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The Periodic Table of Literary Terms

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This is remarkably clever... I love it!


It's surprising to see a way to organize some of the various figures of speech, though some really do involve speech (rhetoric) and are seldom if ever used in writing. (I've used polysyndeton in many speeches... never once in something intended to be read.)


And it leaves out some of my favorites! We had a whole wonderful thread here recently on paraprosdokian (thanks @lynnmosher)! That one was probably Mark Twain's favorite. Still, this is a positively brilliant idea, and just cries out to be developed further...

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It's missing one of my favorites, the Hudibrastic. It's two words that look like they should rhyme in print but they don't. They are featured in Samuel Butler's mock-heroic poem Hudibras. Often the only variation is placement of the acCENT on a different syllAHble to force the second ending word of a couplet to be read in the pattern of iambic tetrameter.


"I knew him well, this poetaster,

I loved him not, a bold time-waster."



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