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Seek Review On My Revised Edition of "Soothing Meditation on God's Promises"

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Hi Everyone,

The revised edition of my book titled, "Soothing Meditation On God's Promises" will be free on Amazon from tomorrow 12:00AM. I would be delighted if you could download and review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you so much everyone for your support Below is the book description and the amazon link:




Do you feel so down you’re unable to get up? Are you looking for words of encouragement to help you get back up? Look no further. The Bible, specifically the book of Isaiah, contains countless promises of God to inspire you in your moments of despondency. Soothing Meditations on God’s Promises makes the arduous task of navigating Isaiah’s 66 chapters, and 37036 words simple.

Discover God’s promises about:


•Cleansing and forgiveness of sin

•Our Savior, Jesus The Messiah

•Salvation, redemption, and justification

•Perfect peace


•God with us when afraid

•Mercy and compassion

•Everlasting joy

•Reviving the lowly and contrite heart

•Clothing of righteousness

And many more are all covered in this book.

In addition to Isaiah’s words, other related scriptural verses are included to enrich each topic treated in this book. Take these scriptures to heart, and you will see how God will turn your life around.


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