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Correct labeling is important.  In wild edibles, it can mean the difference between life and death (Wild Carrot and Poison Hemlock can be easily confused).  That said, back in The Olden Days when I reviewed Christian music, I had lots of artists who said they didn't want their work categorized as "Christian" in order to reach a wider audience.  I countered by suggesting I preferred the labels since I didn't want to wade through the sewage to find clean music.  Granted, not everything labeled "Christian" truly is.  I liked what (Argh, his name escapes me) a Christian comedian said as he was asking his audience what denominations they all were --'non-denominational!?  You're just scared to commit!' 


Labels are a good thing.  One of the first things God had us do was to label things --give names to the animals.  Still, my writing evades labeling. 

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...then I ponder names.  I'm Paul.  I'm not Paulo if I go to Spain, or Raul or Saul if I go somewhere else.  I sometimes wonder if God rolls His eyes at us.  Is He Jehovah or Yahweh or Yah or YHWH or LORD or Jesus or Jeshua...   And is the tetragrammaton different in Hebrew versus English alphabets?  We're so often paralleled with children.  I answered to many names from my kids and grandkids, co-workers and more.  God is so far above us and knows our thoughts before we even think 'em.  I really don't know where I was going with this.  😃

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Had to include tetragrammaton in my names
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46 minutes ago, Paul but not THE said:

Is He Jehovah or Yahweh or Yah or YHWH or LORD or Jesus or Jeshua


yes! 😃


hmmm...when i think of labels, my face scrunches up. sometimes labels are good. they can clarify. then at other times, labels can complicate things. some people do not like to be harnessed with a label. just depends on what the label is for. just my two copper's worth. 😉

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I will happily label myself as a Christian author. The entire reason that I write is to tell the stories that God has embedded within me to share and to spread a Christian worldview in an effort to spread the Gospel and grow the Kingdom of God.

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, then to the Greek. For the gospel reveals the righteousness of God that comes by faith from start to finish, just as it is written: 'The righteous will live by faith.'” Romans 1:16-17

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