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Hey, y'all!


I have a project that I could use some help on, if anyone's interested! 


First off, note that this is NOT a finished book. I'm writing it chapter-by-chapter, so I'd release a new piece to betas once every 3-7 days. 


Here's a list of info on it:


Title: (Unkown) Probably something along the lines of Tana and the Shadow Wars


Genre: YA high fantasy (with very clean romance)


Word Count: 40,000-50,000


Sensitive Topics: Magic (no witchcraft or anything, just basic magic)


I also sprinkle in hints of my faith into the book as well.


If y'all need anymore info, I'll answer any questions!

Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)

Aw, thanks, Nicola! ♥


This is an after-thought, but I figured I might as well give a sample, so here's the first page (first draft. Don't judge 😂😞


“Attention!” Father cried out over the crowds of people. Almost instantly, they silenced and turned toward him. He stood upon a pedestal, his diamond-covered robes shimmering under the afternoon sun. His crown outdid his entire outfit, the large golden piece sitting firmly over his chocolate brown hair. “I fear the kingdom of Sia has threatened a war on our lands!”


My breath caught in my throat. Surely not! Sia and Rouge had been at peace for centuries. Why would they suddenly want to break that?


“I fear our armies are mere ants compared to theirs. So, in a desperate attempt to save our beloved kingdom for destruction, the king of Sia and I have decided that the crown prince of Sia and my daughter, crown princess of Rouge, Tana, shall get married to create a blood bond between our two kingdoms once again.”


The words rang in my ears. What did he just say?


“Father!” I screeched. The crowds instantly turned to me, The pressure of eyes on me suddenly brought a wave of self consciousness.


The king sighed. “Now, thanks to this arrangement, we shall all rest in peace tonight. Dismissed.”


Mumbles rang out as the crowds chattered, the people scattering out to their homes throughout the kingdom.


I clenched the dazzling and uncomfortable skirts weighing me down as I marched up to my father, the strong man stepping down from the pedestal. But before I could say a word, tears pricked at his eyes, the drops dripping down to get caught in his brown beard. 


My shoulders drooped, all the hateful words I was about to spew vanishing from my soul. “Daddy… why didn’t you tell me?”


He shook his head. “I’m so sorry, my Tana. There was nothing I could do to stop this. But know, darling, that if you’re too opposed after meeting this man, I will fight to the death for this kingdom. But please, give the prince a chance. For we have no chance at winning a war with our pitiful armies.”

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Well! You sure set up the difficulties! 

I am a little confused by Zinnia being the king's daughter, the POV being the king's daughter, and yet he says he will fight to death for her friend. Did I miss something about the friend?

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