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We got a Zoom account a while back, but haven't used it.  Guessing that's not good stewardship.  My wife used it yesterday to help a family member with a computer problem, and it reminded me I really ought to use it --at least some.  That said, is anyone game to help me set up a wild edibles program for a ministry group? 


I'd been asked, by the organizer of an annual event at which I present, if she could pass my contact-info to a women's ministry leader at a church in a neighboring town.  Of course, I like sharing wild edibles, so I said 'yes'.  Nothing's been scheduled yet, but it'd be nice to know what everyone wants to hear or thinks should be covered.  A program with Christian Family would be refreshing!

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Zooming has a place in church.


Since COVID lockdowns we have used it to hold on-line services, bible study groups sessions and church business meetings. All very useful but it is no substitute for in-church worship. 


Nowadays we live stream via zoom special services and are still holding evening meetings via zoom - more for connivance than necessity. 

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2 hours ago, Paul but not THE said:

but haven't used it.  Guessing that's not good stewardship.

The not-having-used-it part is the bad stewardship.  My Missouri Master Naturalist chapter has been using Zoom for its meetings, as has my church until it recently re-opened to in-person worship.  I just wondered about using it to brainstorm.  Maybe even for story plots/direction too


32 minutes ago, lynnmosher said:

sorry, Paul. i have no idea how to use it. 🥴

Hmm,  Maybe hold a meeting to show just how easy it is? 😀

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