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Just Published: For Better and Worse

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Hello all!


I'm happy to announce the release of my latest, longest, and (hopefully) best book yet--For Better and Worse. You can check it out at the links below.






Thanks to @Shamrock, @Ky_GirlatHeart @suspensewriter, @RockyMtn Gal @Nicola@EBraten, @Rene, @dlodes and everyone else here who helped tremendously with putting the story together, filling it out, polishing it, and even designing the cover! Another great team effort.

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30 minutes ago, suspensewriter said:

You know, I just bought this!  Looking forward to settling down and reading it.


I hope you enjoy!

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15 hours ago, Wesley Southern said:

jw about the title, if it's a play off the vow you hear at weddings, why did you choose For Better and Worse instead of "For Better and For Worse"?


Technically, the wedding vow says, “For better or for worse...” 


But you’re right—it’s a play off the traditional wedding vow, not meant to be a direct quote.


I left out the second “for” because it flows better (and fits a title space better.) 


I substituted “and” for “or” because marriage is rarely about one or the other...it generally includes both, sometimes a lot of both, all at the same time.


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11 hours ago, RockyMtn Gal said:

Just bought my copy.

Liking the cover!


It’s not exactly conventional, but I think it works well...besides being fun to make!

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