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I asked Hannah Linder to try again for the final cover of my Hating God Trilogy. I've ditched the dog and asked for another woman that matches the first two covers better. Here is what she came up with, one with the other main character Carl and one alone. I'm interested to see what @Zee thinks of the portrayal of Carl as she has actually read the book.





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Ah! So @Zee is a female? THANKS!


Awesome covers, by the way. I think it's better to have the two characters, though perhaps have one of them more in the background? That's my 2 cents, anyway.

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So that’s what Carl looks like! Good-looking, of course, but not at all how I pictured him.


From an artistic standpoint, I think the cover with just the woman looks better...however, I like the idea of a couple on the cover. It’s a romance series, after all.


The two people don’t quite work, because the lighting values are different on the man’s face vs. the woman’s, and yeah, I agree with @KR LaLonde, they’re too equally positioned...which is odd, because they don’t appear to be physically/emotionally relating to each other at all. If one was more “background,” this wouldn’t matter.

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Who is the real main character? The one the story is mostly about? If it's the woman, put the man back a bit and maybe make him less opaque. That's how I usually do it when I make a cover.


Or perhaps put one or the other down a bit so they aren't "evenly placed". Does that make sense?



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