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 Vanuatu Tribes in Mourning for Their ‘God’ Prince Philip

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I just found this article posted among my yahoo.com e-mails:


     Vanuatu Tribes in Mourning for Their ‘God’ Prince Philip

     A tribe in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is in mourning after the death last week of Britain’s Prince Philip, who they revered as a god. The Prince Philip Movement has existed for 50 years in two villages, and is believed to have a few hundred followers. In 1974 the prince visited the area with Queen Elizabeth II, and reportedly took part in local ceremonies. According to anthropologists, Philip is seen as the reembodiment of a powerful mountain spirit, and for the next few weeks the villagers will conduct rites for the Duke, whose funeral is set for Saturday.


     I wonder how Prince Philip felt about this?  He was married to Queen Elizabeth II, who is the nominal Head of the Episcopal Church of England; with the Title "Defender of the Faith".  I wonder what she thinks about this?

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    I wonder if what these villagers need is exorcisms?  Since Queen Elizabeth is the Defender of the Faith, could she send someone to the Island to conduct whatever exorcisms might be needed?

    Now I also wonder, after watching the News, and seeing just how weird things have been getting here in the USA.  Is it that what this Country needs, are lots and lots of exorcisms?  Maybe we should all pray for the Lord to cast out the Devil from the Government.  That includes Federal, State and Local Governments.  It should also included each one of our personal lives. 

    In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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On 4/12/2021 at 8:12 AM, William D'Andrea said:

Britain’s Prince Philip, who they revered as a god.

Just wondering whose interpretation of their feelings for Prince Philip. How would the Vanuatu tribes describe what they feel? Would someone from a completely different culture say that we "revere George Washington as a god?"

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