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Glad to be here!

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Hello, I'm Uriel, a lawyer by profession who loves writing fiction and making music. I was reading the book "Writing in Obedience" by Terry Burns and the author mentioned this website as a great resource for Christian authors. So here am I, looking forward to connect with other writers and learn from everyone's experience.

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7 hours ago, Paul but not THE said:

Greetings and welcome!Β  What sort of music are you into?Β  I used to review music in "The Olden Days" (GeoCities and Suite 101).

Hi Paul, thank you! I'm mostly into classic music and Christian Contemporary Music (pop/rock, jazz and afro beat.)


Wow, that's impressive! πŸ˜ƒ

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14 hours ago, Grey_Skies said:

It's delightful to meet you, Uriel! I'm Grey, or GS. Glad you found your way here, and I think you'll find your time with us fulfilling and full of wonderful Christian fellowship.Β  God bless!

Amen! Thank you for the warm welcome, GS!

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11 hours ago, Cecilia Marie said:

Welcome! I've read the same book, co-authored by my sweet friend and former CW member, Linda Yezak. Wonderful book.Β 

Thanks a bunch for the warm welcome, Cecilia. Yes, you are correct, it's co-authored by Linda. I found it really helpful! 😊

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