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At first I was inclined to dismiss this, but I'll be darned if it wasn't pretty good!


"A while ago, I did an experiment on the effect of the Editorial Review section for books on Amazon.

If you don’t know, there is a section midway down on a book’s sales page, where authors can list any type of review or statement.

No, really. . . like just about anything.

But here’s the thing - most authors don’t use this amazing area because they either don’t believe shoppers care about it, or they just don’t know about it. Well, here’s where I hope to help. I have clearly defined proof that not only do shoppers focus on these areas, but that there are special things you should absolutely consider in their construction.

But in order to get Editorial Reviews to actually help you to sell more, it depends on:

What you put there

Where you get your editorial review statements

How you design and structure them

And more

But don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to do all of that.

Because if you do this correctly, you’ll have higher conversions. . . which equals more sales.

So, in today’s article, there are two parts.

The first part will teach authors how to set up their author page on Amazon. There, you can create your bio, link your books, add your website, and more.


The second part focuses on how to create epic editorial review sections - which you’ll need to do inside your author page.



So, take 10 minutes and improve your author page and thus, your overall conversion of shoppers into book buyers."

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Interesting. I always assume this section is going to be the equivalent of the "best movie of the year!" blurb on a movie poster. 

BTW thanks for the reminder about this guy. I used to follow him when I was putting together my first eBook, but then I had a baby and time passed... 😆

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