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"The Peace Maker"

by Sandy Kay Slawson

"Peace in the middle,

Of the storm.

Peace when life,

Crumbles around you.

Peace when sickness,

Steals your health,

Or the health of someone,

You love.

Peace in the face,

Of Hate.

Peace through,

Grief and sorrow.

Peace through,

The pain of loss.

Peace when all,

Around you,

Is chaos and,

Doubt and


Peace unfathomable.

Peace unimaginable.

Internal peace,

Eternal peace,

This world cannot,


Cannot comprehend.

Peace from The,

Peace Maker.

Given to us,

When we are,

Reconciled to God.

Peace we can show.

Peace we can share.

Peace we can live,

In front of those,

Who long for peace,

But cannot obtain it.

Is that how we become,

Peacemakers, too?

By showing the way,

To the One,

Who offers this peace,

That passes all understanding?

To Jesus?

Peace in the mind.

Peace in the heart.

Peace in the soul.

Comes from Him.

Only Him.

Only from Jesus.

Call on His name.

Repent and believe.

Be reconciled to God,

And you will know this,

Peace that goes beyond,

This moment,

This day,

This month,

This year,

This life.

Trust Jesus,

And His peace,

My peace,

Will be your peace, too."



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