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The Significance of His Resurrection

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Happy Easter to everyone. 
On this day, our Lord Jesus rose from death. What then is the significance of His resurrection? I would want to talk about the importance of His resurrection to our Lord Jesus, then to all humankind, and finally to every believer.


To our Lord Jesus, His resurrection proves that He is God. His resurrection qualifies Him to judge the world.

To all humankind, it proves there will be the resurrection of all (the saved and the unsaved). Christ’s resurrection makes certain the resurrection of all humanity; those who died in sin face a fearful resurrection, full of judgment and condemnation; those who died in Christ have no fear of the resurrection. To all humankind, we’ll give account of every idle word and secret thought of our heart and every single detail of how we’ve lived on the earth before the Judge of the whole world – CHRIST JESUS.


To the believer, what does the resurrection mean? His resurrection means we have the assurance that we are accepted before God. We are declared innocent before God because of His resurrection. It means when we stand before God, we are justified. We are innocent. We have nothing to hold us back. There is nothing to fear, nothing to discourage us, nothing to depress us because, our Lord Jesus died a substitutionary death for our sins. He took our place; For He was made sin for us that we might be made righteous. Now by His precious blood, we are JUSTIFIED (2 Cor. 5:21; Romans 5:9).


To the believers, we now have a God-man as our High Priest – Christ Jesus who intercedes for us, continually; making us acceptable in the beloved (Eph 1:6). 

Believers are secure forever, for Jesus is alive forever. The resurrection guaranteed that you have the power to live a righteous life. The resurrection power is at work in you because you have believed. You have been raised from the deadness of your sin and given a new life in Christ. You appropriate the power of His resurrection by growing in the knowledge of who He is (Christ Jesus) and what he had done for you on the Cross of Calvary (Eph. 1: 17 – ffg). 


The resurrection is a blessed resurrection for all believers washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

In conclusion, Christ’s resurrection proves who He is and what He has said. It makes certain the resurrection and accountability of all men. For believers, it assures you of your acceptance before God. It guaranteed you power for service. 


Finally, it gives you something to live for and long for when the pains of this life get you down. Learn to rest in the significance of His resurrection.


Once again, happy resurrection.



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One more significant thing about the resurrection is that he conquered death, not just physical (necros) we already know he had power over that because of him raising Lazarus, but now also 'thanatos' or spiritual death or eternal separation from God. Interesting though is that the spirit or demon of death is also powerless now because of Jesus victory. He offered up his spirit and breathed one last breath on the cross and chose his moment of death, death did not take him. The resurrection then reinforces the victory and proves that death is powerless as it didn't take him, and it couldn't keep hold of him either.

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